Why Move to Canada?

You can always rely on Canada to come up trumps amongst expats when the annual quality of life surveys are published. According to Mercer’s 2015 Survey, which assesses a city’s quality of life to ensure employer compensation packages remain appropriate, Vancouver was sitting pretty at number five; Toronto scooped number 15; and Ottawa sneaked in at number 18 – thus ranking three of Canada’s cities in the top twenty in the entire world.
There are a whole host of excellent reasons why Canada remains one of the most popular places in the world for expats, but perhaps one of the stand-out attractions of the country is the sheer diversity of landscapes and experiences that it has to offer. From cosmopolitan city living where you can shop, eat and drink to your heart’s content, to epic backdrops of towering mountains, glittering glaciers and sublime coastlines; it’s not hard to see that, for many expats seeking their dream destination, Canada has it all.
The call of Canada
First of all, the cost of living in Canada is relatively reasonable, particularly when compared with some of the high-ranking Asian and European cities that dominate the quality of life charts, including London. That being said, be sure to negotiate your salary accordingly, as taxes are steeper than average too. However, this higher taxation is the price to pay for access to an excellent healthcare system and the free public school education system the country affords, which hold great appeal for expat families. Canada is also known for its political stability and for having one of the strongest economies in the world.
Expats from the UK will find they share something in common with Canadians – a tendency to analyse the weather. But forget the grey clouds and drizzle of home, Canadian weather takes it to the extreme. Of course, in such a vast country, the average temperature differs depending on region. Choosing a city like Victoria or Vancouver in coastal British Columbia will provide the warmest, mildest climates Canada has to offer, with Halifax in Nova Scotia and Ontario close behind. However, in general, expect hot summers and dramatically cold winters, with some regions in the interior of the country seeing blankets of snow cover the ground for up to six months.
Fortunately, Canada is a country prepared for such weather with high-spec buildings and excellent transport networks – but in some areas it might be worth considering how you’ll get around in the chilliest months.
City living and natural landscapes
Canada is a country built by immigrants and the numbers that flock to its shores every year demonstrate that this hasn’t been forgotten. This cultural diversity adds an international flair to the vibrant cities – Quebec, with its French roots, ranks amongst the World’s Best Food Cities, as reported by Conde Nast Traveler. However, it is the ability to combine this modern city living with escapes to the great outdoors perched on your doorstep, that makes Canada so magical.
As the second largest country in the world, spanning six times zones, Canada offers scenes of breathtaking natural beauty and with its 42 national parks, ample opportunities for fishing, hiking, skiing and canoeing. Other exciting outdoors activities include whale-watching, moose-spotting, riding and rafting. Visit the Canada Tourism website for more ideas of what’s on offer.
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