9 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Removals Company in Kensington

Looking for a removals company in Kensington, London? You’re in luck. There are, of course, many different companies to choose from. However, choosing a moving partner shouldn’t be a task undertaken at random. The truth is that no two removals companies are the same. They’ll specialise in different niches, offer different services, and will have experience in different areas of removals and storage.

The best way to find the right removals company in London for you? Ask these 9 simple questions…

1. What areas do you cover?

Whether you’re moving to Kensington, or relocating from Kensington, it’s important to choose a removals company in London that serves clients within the Royal Borough. However, it’s equally important to ensure that your chosen provider is also experienced in delivering high-quality services to the area you’re moving to or from. You might require services within London, across other parts of the UK, or internationally. Whatever it is that you need, a company’s ability to understand the individual quirks of specific regions – such as narrow roads, or customs requirements – can make your move much more simple.

2. What experience do you have?

While training can prepare removals professionals to handle belongings with care, much of the skill, knowledge, and talent for delivering high-quality removals comes from experience. It’s vital that a removals company is able to demonstrate years – ideally even decades – of experience working within Kensington and beyond. You may also like to ask about the history of the company. For example, did they start as a removals company in London, or did they expand into removals from an earlier speciality in fine arts logistics or designer services? This can help you make the best decision.

3. What do you specialise in?

If you’re planning a simple, straightforward house move, you may not need to ask about any specific specialities or niche interests. However, if you’re moving to or relocating from one of Kensington’s stunning period properties, it’s essential that your removals company understands how best to navigate the complexities that come with such a move. Whether it’s Kensington’s mews houses or its spacious converted Edwardian apartments, try to find a removals company in London that is confident in managing moves between homes that have historic importance and/or unique characteristics.

4. How do you approach a move?

Although it may seem strange, it’s always better when a removals company isn’t able to provide a stock answer to this question! That’s because no two moves are ever the same, and so a company should not follow a set, standardised process for approaching a job. From where you’re going to what you’re bringing with you, your move is unique, and your needs are specific to you. It’s important to find a removals company in London that acknowledges that different techniques suit different moves, and that is comfortable developing a bespoke, tailored plan of action, just for you.

5. What do I need to do?

Different removals companies in London will offer different services to their clients. Some, for example, will specialise only in the moving of items, whereas others may offer a more comprehensive package. You should ask yourself how much involvement you want and how much work you want to undertake yourself, and find a removals company in London that matches your needs. Some companies may offer to arrange for any relevant permits that are needed, such as road access. Others may handle all aspects of customs clearance for international moves. Some do it all!

6. Will you pack/unpack for me?

Some removals companies in London will employ a team of experts who are given the responsibility of carefully and strategically packaging belongings prior to a move, as well as unpacking in the new property. If this is something you’re interested in, be sure to ask this question when choosing a removals company in Kensington. You may be given different options, such as full or partial pack, so that you can handle the everyday items while leaving the delicate items in the hands of the experts. You may also be offered a range of unpacking options, including self-unpack or a maid service.

7. Can you handle high-value items?

From masterpieces to musical instruments, or from fine wine to one-of-a-kind collectables, you naturally want peace of mind that your most treasured possessions are in the best hands. That’s why it’s important to ensure that the removals company you choose is experienced in handling high-value items. Look for a removals company in London with a team of handling experts and installation technicians, who have undergone extensive and detailed training in this area. You may also ask to see evidence of strict processes that the team are expected to follow to maintain exceptional standards.

8. What happens if my move is delayed?

Delays can happen for any number of reasons, and unfortunately they can be quite common. How your provider deals with unexpected obstacles in the moving process matters. Some may require you to resolve the situation yourself; others may be able to move forward as planned, holding your belongings in dedicated storage until your new property is ready. Look for a company that operates a safe and secure storage facility within easy reach of Kensington. And if you’re moving from abroad, or relocating overseas, international storage facilities can prove to be beneficial.

9. How do I keep up with what’s happening?

In the run-up to moving day, there can be a lot going on. It can sometimes feel as though you’re not quite sure what’s supposed to be happening, or when. Always ask potential moving partners how they plan to keep you in the loop, ensuring you know exactly what to expect. The ‘right’ answer here is that every client is allocated a dedicated ‘Move Coordinator’; a single point of contact who will keep you up-to-date about all aspects of your move. Understanding what’s supposed to happen – and when – is key to enjoying a more seamless moving experience.

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