Everything you must know about how to move to Canada

If you are considering moving to Canada, you probably know that it has a spectacular countryside interspersed by modern cities. Canada offers all the modern conveniences of the Western world while simultaneously allowing you to bask in the splendour of its natural beauty. If you want to know all about expat life in Canada and understand the pros and cons of living in Canada, we have the information that you need.

For those considering moving to Canada from London, the first thing you must get used to is the vast scope of Canada, it is the second largest country in the world. This progressive country attracts expats from across the globe. It is a part of the British Commonwealth and a popular destination for British expats.

Another reason that so many expats seek out Canada is because it often ranks number one on the United Nations Annual Human Development Index. This index considers factors such as cost of living, life expectancy, quality of schooling, and job opportunities.



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It’s hard not to get enthusiastic about your move to Canada. Beautiful landscapes, modern cities, a welcoming and friendly population, and you can even have maple syrup for breakfast every day.


You have probably looked up some information about how to move to Canada from London before you came to our site. Because we have offered our international removal services for so many successful journeys across the pond, we have amassed a great deal of information about Canada that you may find useful.


We have put together a few helpful guides on moving to Canada, what to expect from expat life in Canada, city guides, career opportunities, real estate options and more.


Regional Information

As the second largest country in the world, it should come as no surprise that Canada has some interesting cultural differences within its borders. One of the facets that makes Canada an interesting and unique country is that it is split between two distinct regions: English Canada and French Canada


As the regions’ names reveal, the difference in language between the regions is important. Canada has two official languages, with French as the first language for the Quebecois French. While almost the entirety of French Canada is bilingual and they learn English in school, the people in the French-Canadian province prefer to speak French. Because Canada does not have a national standard curriculum, the fluency in French can vary from province to province and territory to territory.


There are also slight cultural differences between English Canada and French Canada. This is because the English-speaking territories and provinces are closely linked to the United Kingdom while the French-Canadian history is linked to France. This can lead to differences in food consumption, media, and other facets of life.


As the seventh most populous city in North America, the culture in Toronto (Canada’s economic capital) has a distinct culture from the rest of Canada. Toronto is also an important hub for the film production, information technology, telecommunication, and publishing industries.


Canadian Lifestyle

Most expats moving to Canada will have little in-depth view of the Canadian way of life and Canadian people. Plenty can make assumptions that it will be similar to its southern neighbour. One of Canada’s reputations is the politeness of its people, almost to the point of exaggeration.


Something that you will notice right away is how friendly Canadians are. If you stand around for a moment looking confused, there’s a strong chance that someone will come up to offer you assistance. Strangers strike up conversations wherever they might be at the time. You might notice that you walk into a bar and immediately feel as though you have made a few new friends, Canadians are simply like that.


What you will notice when moving to Canada with your family is that you are in a progressive and well-developed country. Even though ice hockey and Mounties garner a great deal of attention, the resilient economy, wide open spaces and social programmes make Canada notable.


Especially larger cities such as Victoria, Montreal and Toronto reflect a strong British heritage. Whereas the United States prides itself on its diversity of cultures, Canada prefers to have these cultures integrate fully into society as a cultural mosaic.


The Canadian lifestyle has a great deal of other factors to consider, like moving to Canada with children.


Real Estate

For longer term expats moving to Canada, buying property is likely to be an option. It’s fortunately a straightforward process and cost-effective long-term option. When it comes to home ownership, Canada has a welcoming policy for expats. Non-residents and Canadians have the same rights when it comes to buying property. However, you do not gain residency rights just by owning property in Canada.


Especially for those moving from countries with a strong currency, people often find properties in Canada affordable. Prime areas of the large cities are expensive, but if you are moving to Canada from London you will be surprised how much more space they can afford.


The housing prices in cities such as Toronto and Vancouver have soared. In fact, many of the real estate experts in Canada agree that in the larger cities, there are signs of homes being overvalued. One example would be the increase in prices in Vancouver, where properties rose more than 32 percent in a single year. Meanwhile, Toronto saw increases of almost 17 percent in a year. These prices are reflective of their strong economies and high quality of life.



The free healthcare system that Canada offers to its citizens is renowned around the world. Each of the three territories and 10 provinces offers Medicare – a state-wide health insurance programme. Medicare covers the most basic medical services including most surgeries, hospital stays, diagnostic tests, and doctor visits.


However, you might not find the system as comprehensive as you might like. You have the option to cover supplementary services through insurance, but those add additional expense. Also, the fact that Canadian healthcare is free also leads to some of the longest waits in the world. Even though the actual levels of care are very good, you might be waiting for upwards of a week for an appointment.


For expats it can be beneficial to take out a private health insurance. This is especially important in your early period in the country, because you might not qualify for your province’s health system immediately. For example, there is a three-month wait on health coverage in Ontario. that starts the moment you establish residency.


One final factor to consider is that your health benefits may not travel with you when you travel across the country. Not all provinces use the same benefits, which means that your coverage benefits in Ontario might be used across Canada, while others are not.


Tax and income opportunities

While the “American Dream” is known the world over, Canada might be just as good of an option if you want to carve out your own success. The Canadian labour market is at its strongest in over a decade. One of the most in demand industries in Canada is the construction industry.


Just last year Canada created more than 55,000 construction jobs. In fact, March of this year saw an increase in 17,800 construction jobs. The upwards trend in employment began in Canada around the second half of 2016. Canada has an unemployment rate that hovers around 5.8 percent.


Beyond the jobs associated with construction (and engineering) other jobs in high demand include doctors, accountants, managers, and IT workers. In fact, there is an expected shortage of 180,000 IT vacancies in 2019.


The recent political spats between the United States and Canada have made the manufacturing sector relatively unattractive. While this may change again in two years, it is something to consider for now.


Given the vast scale of the country, it is a good idea to target your search based on the job that you are after.


If you are considering moving to Canada, the chances are that your financial prospects and job outlook are positive if you possess the in-demand skills.

How long should you allow for shipping to Canada?

If you are shipping your belongings to Canada, the length of time to allow depends on the Canadian city you are moving to. For the West Coast, allow between 6 and 9 weeks. For the East Coast, it can take between 5 and 7 weeks. Our Move Co-ordinator will be sure to advise you on your options beforehand.

What can you take?

When moving to Canada, your items will have to go through the customs clearance process. This means that they may have to undergo inspection. If your goods are cleared, you will need to be present. Canadian customs require a detailed inventory of consignments into the country. Your Surveyor and Move Co-ordinator can advise you on what to take with you and what it might be best to leave behind when shipping to Canada. We are going to help facilitate the entire move to ensure that you know exactly what you can take with you.

Taking a car or motor vehicle

If you plan to take your car into Canada, there are several different restrictions. Canadian Customs will need to clear your vehicle and in certain cases you will need to pay Goods and Service Tax (GST) as well as Customs Duty. Because these are assessed on a case-by-case basis it is impossible to determine your costs beforehand. Make sure that your vehicle will be let into the country if you intend to take it with you. You can call +1 613 998 8616. Or visit the Transport Canada website for more information.

Moving to the Canada with pets

If you plan to take your pets with you when moving to Canada, you will need to be sure that vaccinations are up to date, and you have all the relevant paperwork from your vet. Fortunately taking common household pets such as dogs and cats is relatively straight-forward.

The international removal services of Cadogan Tate can help you plan your move and ensure that you know and understand all the different rules and regulations to adhere to when taking your pet with you.


Canada Regional Information

Both the history and geography of Canada mean that there is a tremendous variety in the different cities and provinces. This means that Canada truly offers something for everyone to enjoy.


We have guides available to tell you more about the different locations and go in-depth with some of the more popular cities and regions. This means that you can compare the areas of Canada in detail.


With our experience of moving customers to Canada, Cadogan Tate is the perfect choice for your move to the Canada. We have experience in the moving process and can help you start your expat life in Canada the right way.


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