High Security, Bonded Storage Warehouse

When it comes to preserving your most-prized possessions, you need a state-of-the-art facility with comprehensive security features. Our high-security, climate-controlled storage facilities are equipped with electronic access control, intruder alarms, a fire detection system, CCTV, sound monitoring, and central station surveillance.

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Specialised Facilities

Our comprehensive storage solutions are designed to meet your unique needs.
Art Storage
No matter the art, we’ll work with you to create the perfect environment to preserve and protect your piece  or an entire collection.
Climate Controlled Facilities
We offer options for climate controlled facilities and private rooms for bespoke storage of art, antiques, sensitive furniture, collections, archives, and musical instruments and collectibles.
Oversized Item Storage
There's no item too big or small. We've designed our oversized storage area for large, heavy, or unique items that don't fit well in regular rooms or containers.
Clothing Storage
You have the option to digitally catalog your wardrobe and archive your pieces, and to partner with the best stylists in our global network—all while creating space in your home and having access to your virtual closet, 24 hours a day.
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Global Storage

With over one million square feet of global storage space, we can custom-tailor the most seamless and innovative storage solutions.
Private Rooms
If you require regular access or a temperature- controlled environment for extensive personal wardrobes or art collections, we offer Private Rooms and containers as a storage solution.
Private Containers
Our Private Containerised Storage is an ideal solution for clients who are looking for long-term or bulk storage solutions.
Viewing Rooms
Our facilities feature private viewing rooms of various sizes. From photoshoots to space for conservation to providing client meeting rooms – we tailor each viewing room experience to the needs of the client, working to make things seamless and easy.
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Peace of Mind

We go above and beyond to make everyone feel well taken-care of and completely at ease.
Security Features
Our facilities are equipped with intruder and fire alarms, as well as motion detection with armed response, ensuring your peace of mind.
Inventory Management
Experience seamless accessibility to your stored items through our proprietary Client Portal. We oversee the entire process from receiving to inspection to repacking. Within just 2 business days, images are available in our Client Portal for fully digitized storage collections.
Full Value Protection
We offer flexible liability options: you can self-insure or choose our liability extension, providing full-value protection up to £100 million or a higher value upon request. This coverage safeguards your artworks and valuables while in our care, whether in storage or transit.
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Client Case Study

Heritage Auctions

Cadogan Tate provides cutting-edge storage facilities and viewing spaces, with over 1 million square feet of storage space across the globe. From climate-controlled and insulated viewing rooms to bespoke storage facilities tailored to your specific needs, our viewing rooms are designed to elegantly showcase your artwork collections to colleagues and clients.

Your Project Partner

Our clients have one trusted expert to answer all of your questions and guide you across your journey from day one through the finish line—your designated Project Partner. We custom-match clients with Partners based on the intersection of the client’s needs and the Partner’s expertise.
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“Amidst a list of approved vendors, Cadogan Tate has stood out for over 40 years”

―Kathleen Guzman, Sr. Vice President & Managing Director at Heritage Auctions
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