Looking for a job abroad? find out where you are needed

Research from globalvisas.com has revealed the most coveted professions for migrants and expats around the world.
For those fortunate enough to be able to up-sticks and move abroad to work in their chosen field, the obvious question that needs to be asked is ‘Where am I needed?’. Here is a simple breakdown of the positions that are in most demand.
USA – The most hard to fill jobs in America are skilled trades and especially engineers and nurses. The US ‘green card’ has a reputation for being difficult to secure but if you work in one of these areas you should not have too much difficulty.
Switzerland – Famed for having a thriving financial industry based on banking, insurance and consulting, unemployment in Switzerland is low and having a high level of knowledge in these areas could be enough to get a visa.
Canada – As mentioned in a previous article (read it here) Canada are very keen to welcome in ambitious entrepreneurs. They are also in need of accountants, dental hygienists, physicists and chemists.
UAE – Expats can typically find jobs in construction, banking or the tourism industries with little trouble although some expatriates find it difficult to adjust to the contrasting way of life.
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