Advice for Canadian expats

Professionals moving to Canada have been offered advice about two key areas of relocation from
According to the information portal, arranging banking and a place of residence should be some of the top priorities for expats starting a new life in the North American country.
When it comes to housing, it is advisable to start off renting as areas in Canada vary significantly in terms of culture and safety, a spokeswoman at explained.
Take Toronto as an example. The largest city in the country is known for being one of the most multicultural places in the world and has areas that are distinctively Portuguese, Italian, Chinese and Greek.
Consideration has to be made as to whether living in places with such strong identities is something that professionals feel comfortable with. As mentioned, renting allows for some flexibility – it can be trialled.
“When you are ready to buy, the higher the deposit, the lower the interest rate, so it is worth waiting until you have at least a 20 per cent deposit,” the spokeswoman revealed.
“Real estate agents are licensed and using one is the best way of finding a home, once you have decided on the area you wish to live in. In addition, they can advise you on any first-time buyer incentives which the government often provides.”
When it comes to opening a bank account, an expat needs to visit in person and have on them two valid forms of Canadian identification. This can include a permanent residency card, social insurance [number] card, driver’s license or health card.
Where expats might fall short of such ID, there are other possible alternatives. A Confirmation of Permanent Residence document is one certificate that may be accepted by certain banks.
However, the spokeswoman informed that as this is not a permissible form of identification under Canadian federal law, it is at the bank’s discretion whether they accept it.
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