The Benefits of Working With a Bespoke Moving Service

Standardised procedures are often said to be the key to success. They’re how many organisations can ensure they’re delivering predictable and repeatable results.

However, while this may be true within a number of different industries, it’s not always the case for the removals sector. You may find that a removals company in London offers to develop a new service, just for you.


When standardised processes are discussed, it’s usually in terms of industries where clients and customers tend to have a shared need, or are facing a common problem. For example, in the hospitality industry, diners will usually arrive at a restaurant because they’re hungry. It makes sense, in this instance, for the wait staff and kitchen staff to follow a set of standardised, tried-and-tested processes. Sticking to a solid framework helps them deliver meals quickly and efficiently.

When it comes to moving home, however, there’s often no single, definitive, shared customer desire. What each individual customer needs will depend on a number of different factors, including…

● Where they’re moving from
● Where they’re moving to
● Type of property
● Property layout
● Number of belongings
● Type and value of belongings
● Timeframe for moving
● Packing/unpacking preferences

When you look at it like this, it’s easy to see why a standardised, one-size-fits-all process doesn’t always work in the removals industry. A different approach to moving home is needed. That’s why we at Cadogan Tate choose to offer a bespoke moving service.

What is a bespoke moving service?

A bespoke moving service is one that’s designed from the ground up, specifically for you. It’s tailored to your exact needs. This means there’s no need to make compromises to try and fit in with the services that are offered by your London removals company; the service is created to fit around you.

It’s developed by experienced removals professionals based on your own requirements. The process usually involves the use of a qualified surveyor. They will assess your current property, learn more about your new property and analyse the belongings you’re taking with you. They’ll chat with you about your own needs, requirements and preferences. This information is then passed along to the experienced moving team who are able to translate it into an actionable plan. The plan will then be carried out in a way that’s best for you, your items, and your home.

Unsure whether a bespoke moving service is right for you? Let’s look at the advantages…

1. You receive exactly what you need

‘Moving service’ is very much an umbrella term, covering a wide range of different functions. For example, it may include packing, unpacking, inventory management, transportation, permit arrangements, and so on. With a bespoke service, you can build your own package, just as you want it. Perhaps you’d like some items to be placed into storage, and others unpacked into their intended places in your new home. By choosing a bespoke service, you can easily make that a reality.

2. It’s flexible & adaptable

Moving home isn’t always linear; there can sometimes be delays or obstacles which can cause changes to your needs, requirements, or overall situation. Unfortunately, London removals companies using standardised processes must stick to a rigid plan, making it difficult for them to adapt to real-time changes. A bespoke service, on the other hand, is flexible and adaptable. It can be altered at any stage to ensure it delivers the best possible outcomes.

3. You’ll enjoy complete peace of mind

When working with a bespoke moving service, you’ll know that the moving plan your removals team are using was designed specifically for you and your belongings. You won’t need to worry that something will be overlooked because it’s not on the plan. Or that the company isn’t quite offering you the level of service that you really need. Everything that happens – right through from packing up your items to unpacking at the other end – is being carried out to your specifications.

4. It offers incredible value

While a bespoke moving service may often cost more than a standard service, it is almost always better value. When a moving service is designed specifically for you, you can be sure that you’re making the most of that service, and deriving full value. With a standardised service, there may be elements such as packing or unpacking included in the package that you simply don’t need. Working with a bespoke moving service partner helps to maximise value while simultaneously reducing waste.

5. It’s your move, your way

With a bespoke moving service from a quality removals company in London, you can be as in control – or as out of the way – as you want to be. Moving home should be a positive experience and an exciting time. But it can often feel stressful when you have to do more than you’re comfortable with… or when you’re not as in charge of the situation as you would like to be. A bespoke moving service gives you the choice; it allows you to manage your own home move, in your own way.

At Cadogan Tate, we’re proud to work ‘outside the box’. We don’t offer one-size-fits-all moving solutions. Nor do we plan to. Instead, everything we do is built around the needs of each client.

We know that no two moves are ever the same. That means we can’t use the same approach time and time again. However, every partnership we form does begin in the same way: by listening to the needs of our clients, and building a unique moving strategy to perfectly suit them and their needs.

If this is the type of moving service you’re interested in, get in touch with our team. We’ll discuss your needs, and start developing a tailored plan to give you the best moving experience.