Why Switzerland is a great country to be an expat

Nestled between Germany, Austria, Italy and France, Switzerland offers the best of all worlds to expats looking for a great quality of life. Although a fairly small country with a total population of about 8 million people, the Swiss economy is one of the most stable in the world. Tradingeconomics.com forecasts the Swiss unemployment rate at an impressive 3.5% up to 2020.
Being a neutral state, many international organisations are headquartered here, such as the United Nations, CERN, The European Free Trade Association (EFTA), the International Committee of the Red Cross, and around 250 NGO’s. Though not an EU member state, its relations are regulated by several bilateral agreements with the European Union and every year, many international events and conferences take place in Geneva, bringing in leaders from around the world.
Switzerland is well known for its political climate, economic stability, excellent quality of life, cultural diversity and excellent career prospects. It’s no wonder, then, that Switzerland has long been a favourite expat destination.
Economic stability
An economy with strong emphasis on technology, a highly skilled labour force, and an exceptional per capita GDP ensures Switzerland ranks amongst the world’s most stable economies. Growth in service sectors such as financial and banking services, engineering, manufacturing, technology and pharmaceuticals has been strong in recent years.
Other contributing factors to the Swiss economy are excellent infrastructure, efficient capital markets, and low corporate tax rates. The country has one of the highest employment rates, but competition for jobs can be fierce.
Quality of Life
The people of Switzerland enjoy a great quality of life, thanks to the natural beauty, modern cities, and excellent working conditions.
Zurich and Geneva are among the world’s most expensive cities to live but earnings in these cities are among the highest in all of Europe. What’s more, Zurich was ranked second in the Mercer 2016 Quality of living survey, which takes into account various important factors such as socio-cultural environment, healthcare, education, public services and transportation.
In terms of security and personal safety, Zurich and Geneva rank in second and sixth position respectively. Switzerland has four official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh. Being able to speak a second language – especially one that is in demand – is definitely an added bonus for expats seeking work in the country.
The great outdoors
Switzerland is a country of incredible beauty. Impressive landscapes, chocolate box villages and modern cities offer a fantastic range of outdoor activities for families.
Cycling, skiing, hiking or a relaxing picnic by the lakes are among the many pleasant outdoor activities expats can enjoy in the summer months. During the peak season, the tourism industry also provides many employment opportunities, welcoming seasonal workers from all over Europe.
This fantastic natural beauty, combined with high standards of living, security, and healthcare makes Switzerland a great country to be an expat. An affluent, stable and picturesque country in the heart of Europe, it really is the best of all worlds.
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Information correct at time of publication.