Why Hong Kong is such a popular expat destination

Hong Kong is a vibrant, cosmopolitan metropolis that has a long history of attracting expatriates. It’s a dynamic and modern city, known as much for its hustle and bustle as it is for its efficiency and convenience.
If you’re considering moving to Hong Kong, we break down the main reasons why it’s such a popular expat destination.

It offers great career progression

According to the most recent HSBC Expat Explorer Survey, Hong Kong ranks first globally for career progression. It also scores well for Entrepreneurship, Economic Confidence and Wage Growth.
Thanks to its prime location, with easy access to key cities across Southeast Asia, Hong Kong enjoys a thriving and stable economy. If you’re looking to carve out an international career in the East, Hong Kong is your most likely destination. Many multinational corporations have headquarters here, and over 100 countries have a consulate in the region, recognising its importance as an economic, financial and cultural global hub.
There is a ‘work hard’ culture in Hong Kong, so it tends to attract driven and talented individuals who are self-motivated to make the most of work opportunities. The city is very business orientated and most official operations are conducted in English.

It’s family friendly

If you’re moving to Hong Kong with children, it’s reassuring to know that Hong Kong offers plenty of opportunities and leisure activities. While Hong Kong may conjure up visions of endless skyscrapers and bright lights, there is plenty of green space. Popular weekend family pursuits include hiking and watersports, and there are plenty of clubs and sports teams to get involved with.
There is a welcoming and large expatriate community, which does help with integration. It’s also a safe place to live, with a low crime rate and a well-regarded police force.
Schooling is also exceptional, with many international schools offering world-class education and a chance to get to know other expat children. These schools are competitive and often have long waiting lists, but your employer may have a corporate debenture with a particular school.
While you may not find a sprawling villa with lots of outside space in the centre of Hong Kong, there are plenty of luxury family homes including duplexes and apartments with shared amenities. If you’re happy to commute from the suburbs, townhouses and village houses can offer more space and peace. To the south of Hong Kong Island, you can also find exclusive standalone homes with private gardens and pools in luxury surroundings.

Everything is on your doorstep

Whatever you need and whenever you need it, Hong Kong has it covered. There are convenience shops on every corner, restaurants open late into the night and entertainment to suit every taste.
There is also a very good transportation system. While some expatriates do opt to buy or import a car, it’s easier to get around without one. Rush hour is congested and slow, parking is nigh-on impossible and fuel is expensive. With such efficient and modern public transport, many expats opt to use this for their daily commutes. The Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway (MTR) connects all the main districts and into the suburbs.
You can also opt to hop in a taxi. All taxis are strictly regulated, fares are capped and they are safe. Get to know the colour-coded system and you can easily use them to get to events, meetings and leisure activities for a stress-free way to get around.
Before you make your move to Hong Kong, make sure you read our guidance and advice, and see how Cadogan Tate can help you with your international relocation.