Which are the Top 7 Expat Destinations for 2018?

We live in an increasingly transient and open world. Businesses and job markets cross invisible international borders and language barriers in search of the world’s best talent. The end result is a higher number of expats living and working abroad than ever before. As international movers, we look at which are the most popular international destinations for expats to live and work.

International Removals to Singapore Lead the Way for Expats

According to the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey, the top country for relocations and international removals is Singapore. This tiny island-city-state has a high cost of living which is offset by the high-income potential for expats. In fact, 65% of expats working in Singapore say they have more disposable income than they ever had before.
The runner-up is the opposite of Singapore in many ways. Norway is a top expat destination with a strong economy despite not being a member of the European Union. Seen as offering a safe, family-friendly environment, Norway has a high cost of living, but expats report a high quality life experience overall.
New Zealand has crept up the ladder as being a popular and desirable place for expats to move to. While it offers a high quality of life, it lags behind in business economics.
Germany is always a strong contender for expats wanting to live and work abroad. It offers good pay and business prospects, but falls down on overall quality of life for expats. However, it is closer to home for those wanting to retain business or family connections back in the UK.
Canada is increasingly hitting the radar for expat living and as an international relocation destination. The survey showed that 65% of expats living in Canada report a better quality of life, and 74% say that their children have better opportunities than back home. Overall, Canada is seen as a country that welcomes expats who find it easy to integrate whatever their race, gender or faith.
China continues to offer employment opportunities to expats as its economy rapidly progresses. It is predicted to overtake the US as the largest economy in the world by late 2018. As the leading international cities, Beijing and Shanghai are the most popular destinations for expats moving from London to China. With high disposable incomes and a low cost of living, China provides a high quality of life for those prepared to embrace a different language and culture.
Australia remains a top destination for expats and according to international movers, most people who relocate to Australia never return to their home country. The warm climate, low population levels, English language and high quality of life coupled with top job prospects make this an irresistible draw. Families particularly appreciate the excellent education and wide recreational activities in this expat haven.
Finally, Panama is a top expat destination for older expats and retirees. Tropical beaches, unspoilt rainforest and laid-back surfer towns are complemented by an impressive business infrastructure and world-class health facilities in Panama City. With its close links to the USA, this Central American expat destination is an attractive proposition for work and leisure.
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