Where is it easy for expats to settle?

There’s no doubt that making the decision to leave the country to set up a new life overseas is an exciting adventure; but uprooting your life and leaving behind all you hold familiar is bound to be nerve-wracking, too. Starting a new job, settling into a new home, getting to grips with a new culture or even a new language – it’s no surprise that many expats find those first few months of integration somewhat overwhelming.
Shifting your belongings from one location to another can feel chaotic enough, but once the dust has settled, the realisation slowly begins to set in that this is very different to a holiday. This is the period when ‘real life’ takes hold and it is not uncommon to feel bewildered, stressed and a little bit homesick at this point. Thankfully, this phase is often short-lived, merely the storm before the dawn of a new and exciting chapter of your life as an expat.
Of course, the length of this period of unrest can depend on the individual or personal circumstance. However, it can also depend on the country of choice. The 2014 HSBC Expat Explorer survey identified the countries expats found it easiest to settle into. What are the factors that make integration run smoothly?
1. New Zealand
The epic natural landscapes of New Zealand have found fame around the world, thanks to Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. Not only worthy of Middle Earth adventures, these sweeping expanses offer expats the chance to experience the Great Outdoors and improve their overall physical and mental health. The country is also renowned for its excellent work/life balance.
2. Bahrain
The Expat Explorer survey highlighted Bahrain as an easy spot for integration due to its strong expat community and vibrant social scene. It is hard to feel isolated when surrounded by like-minded people, determined to get you involved. This welcoming attitude is not just limited to the expats – Bahraini people are famously friendly too, making a lonely expat feel welcomed by both their old compatriots and their new neighbours.
3. Singapore
Regularly taking the top slot as the number one city in Asia for relocation, Singapore’s extensive community of expats means you will be in great company on arrival. The diversity of the cultures that blend together in Singapore provides a unique environment where anybody can belong. It also results in some thoroughly tasty multi-national global cuisine.
4. Australia
The sunshine and laid-back lifestyle of Australia have been reeling in expats for decades. A wonderful mix of dynamic cities, endlessly glorious coastline and spectacular natural spaces, Australia always makes a cameo on the annual quality of life surveys, including the Mercer Quality of Living Survey . Additionally, British expats reported that the similar culture and shared language made setting up and registering for official documents a breeze.
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Information correct at time of publication.