Where Do Expats Enjoy The Food The Most?

When relocating to another country there are bound to be things you miss about the UK. It goes without saying that friends and family are high on the list, but for many people, food also takes one of the top spots. But while it’s okay to hanker after British classics such as fish and chips and Marmite, it is also important to embrace the local cuisine – and expats around the world seem to find much to enjoy.
In a recent HSBC Expat Explorer Survey, expatriates revealed the countries in which they enjoy the food the most. More than 9,000 British expats were asked about their eating habits in their new home country. Here are the countries that ranked the highest.


Top of the list was Japan. 93% of expats currently living in the Land of the Rising Sun said they enjoyed eating the food there. The Japan-based expats also stated that they were eating a much healthier diet than when they were in the UK. Perhaps contrary to popular opinion, Japanese food is not all about raw fish and sushi. A typical lunch might consist of grilled fish or sautéed beef, with rice, miso soup and pickles. And for the more adventurous, why not try grilled eel?


Coming a close second in the poll was Italy, where nearly nine out of ten expats said they liked the food. Good news for a country that takes its cuisine very seriously. The dishes cooked in Italy aim to be as beautiful as the country itself – and made all the better when accompanied by a glass of wine or two. And despite the calorie-heavy staples of pizza and pasta, Italy also came second in the healthiest expat diet category too.


Back to Asia and we find Vietnam taking third spot in the most enjoyable food list. 87% of expats living here were delighted with the food on offer. After all, this is a country well-known for its street food and combinations of flavours. Eating habits in Vietnam tend to be little and often and meals can consist of anything from a bowl of noodles to bang tom (sweet potato pancakes fried with shrimps). The country came sixth for healthy eating.


85% of expats living in Turkey gave it their seal of approval for the cuisine on offer, placing it joint fourth in the poll. In a country largely surrounded by sea it is not surprising that fish often features on menus here, as do fresh fruit and vegetables. In addition to all things wholesome, Turkey is also renowned for its delicious ranges of sweets, such as baklava.


It’s easy to see why the food of Thailand came joint fourth. With its tasty soups and curries flavoured with plenty of fiery chillies and aromatic herbs, this is a country that cooks with passion. As well as packing a flavoursome punch, Thai food also came third for healthy eating.


The final country to come joint fourth with Turkey and Thailand is Taiwan, a veritable culinary melting pot of flavours. Influenced by Japan and China, the range of dishes on offer here are anything but dull. Noodles, steamed dumplings and omelettes are all typical dishes in Taiwan and are keeping the expat community more than happy.
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