What Home Could You Buy in the USA?

While developments in America since the turn of the century mean that immigration is now more strictly regulated, there are still upwards of one million expatriates travelling to the country every year. Despite the economic recession, the USA still offers many job opportunities, particularly for medical and IT professionals. Plus, with so many multinational businesses based in America, it is quite common for an employee to relocate from an office in their home country to another in the USA within the same company.
The prospect of moving to America is likely to be an exciting, life-changing experience. Even without the need to learn another language, the USA is one of the most multi-cultural countries in the world – not to mention one of the wealthiest and most powerful. In addition to some of the best healthcare and education, expats also have the potential to earn a great salary and experience a very desirable quality of life.
Obviously, moving to a country the size of America means that it is very difficult to generalise on what your expat considerations – such as cost of living, lifestyle and climate – might be. What you and your family require to relocate to the state of Florida is likely to be very different to if you are heading to the state of Minnesota.
Needless to say, bigger cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington and New York are likely to cost considerably more to live in than some of the more rural areas but, as a general rule, the amount of land available means real estate prices can be much lower than other countries.
If you’re looking at moving on from a comfortable family home in London, for example, you could be looking at cashing in an asset worth around £1.5 million. With the current exchange rates, this equates to around $2.35 million. Leading real estate website zillow.com has a home prices tracker which keeps an eye on the market, but if you were planning on purchasing a new home when you relocate, what sort of property could you potentially afford in this price bracket?
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New York

For city living – A three-bedroom apartment in Manhattan, New York City. A dramatic living room with two full walls of windows gives stunning views over Central Park and the Lincoln Center. A spacious home – If you need more space, you could look at a brownstone in Brooklyn with 11 bedrooms. Still in the heart of the city, but with a feel of the leafy suburbs.


A home near the sea – A three-bedroom penthouse in Key West, in a private gated community with ocean views and luxury facilities including pools, tennis courts and hot tub. Miami style – A five-bedroom home in Miami Beach, built in 1925 in a classic Mediterranean revival style, with a separate guest cottage. Close to the beach and golf club, ideal for the outdoor lifestyle.


Near Golden Gate – three-bedroom Edwardian home in Lower Pacific Heights, San Francisco. Double parlour with original fireplace, wooden floors throughout. A beautiful, classic family home. Vineyard beauty – four-bedroom family home with 4.1 acres of land, including 2.5 acres of Pinot vines. Laid-back open plan living, pool and guest house – and yet still commutable to San Francisco. It’s fair to say that house prices are likely to come as a pleasant surprise to expats looking at making a move to the USA, so why not spend some time looking online at homes in the area you are thinking of? You might get more than you bargained for!
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Information correct at time of publication.