What is expat life really like in Las Vegas

Las Vegas: home to vibrant nightlife, 24-hour gambling, extravagance and partying. Its reputation as an entertainment capital has people from all over the world flocking to the city to have a good time and a holiday to remember.
The famous Strip can be overwhelming, with a cacophony of sound and colour all through the day and night, making it hard to imagine staying in Vegas long-term. However, it does have a strong expat community too, away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist areas.
It is a financial, commercial and cultural hub for the desert state of Nevada; is one of the top destinations for business conventions in the USA; and is a leader in the world’s hospitality industry – which all make it a good prospect for those working in the right industries. Daily life in Las Vegas for those expats who call it home is very different to the glimmering façade viewed by tourists.

Relaxed lifestyle

Outside of the busy and cluttered Strip, Las Vegas is actually very spread out and full of wide open spaces to enjoy. It is made up of lots of small, exclusive communities, which include luxury homes and all of the necessary amenities in close proximity. These communities are popular with expats, particularly British retirees, as well as workers.
The weather is another key draw, although some may find it too hot in the summer months – temperatures can rise over 40°C. Accommodation with good air conditioning is a must, and many homes will have private swimming pools for cooling down. It’s not unusual to get outdoors early to hike in the nearby valleys, cycle, horseride, run or walk, and then retire indoors while the sun is at its peak. This means getting used to a very different lifestyle, but generally the way of life is relaxed and low key. There are plenty of parks, golf courses, lakes and more recreational areas to make the most of too. Even in winter, it never gets too cold, which makes it easier to spend a lot more time outside throughout the year.


For those moving with families, education is of the best quality, with one of the largest education systems in the whole of the USA – it comes under the Clark County School District, which serves over 300,000 students. From primary education through to university level, there is a good range of options with fantastic resources.
One of the key benefits of relocating to Las Vegas financially is that there are no income or corporate taxes for residents of Nevada. This is thanks to that popular gambling industry and the sheer amount of revenue that it generates. Having extra disposable income means that expats can enjoy an improved quality of life.
The tax situation means that Vegas is seeing a lot of business development and start-up companies launching, which helps to improve job opportunities in the district. There are also a number of established companies operating out of the city, as well as a push in many different sectors outside of the key industries of tourism, entertainment and hospitality. For example, renewable energy and technology firms are up-and-coming in the region.
Las Vegas offers a lot of diversity, family-centric activities and business opportunities, making it a surprisingly good option for British expats considering a move to the USA.
Information correct at the time of publication.