Western expats command high salaries in the Middle East

Professionals from the West who are living and working in the Middle East earn more than their Asian and Arab counterparts, according to a new study.
The leading business magazine for the region found that western expats, on the whole, across all six of the countries that make up the Gulf Cooperation Council – Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia – are able to command significantly higher salaries.
In Saudi Arabia, for example, a western expat earns a massive 30 per cent more than their Asian peers, and six per cent more than Arab expats, the Telegraph reported.
One of the reasons that westerners are able to command an elevated salary when moving overseas is simply down to high expectations.
Because their income and living standards from their respective native countries tend to be higher in comparison to Asian and Arab nations, they expect pay and quality of life to be the equivalent to that, if not better.
Also, oil-rich nations have the ability to deliver on this – they have a lot of wealth and relatively robust economies.
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