Want more holiday leave? Move to France

Online travel firm Expedia has released numbers from a recent study that show that employees in France have longer holiday leave than any other country after surveying 8,535 adults in employment in 24 countries. France topped the table with an average of 30 days of paid leave a year but employees in South Korea and Japan were left with the least amount of leave, despite being allocated the least amount of holiday (18 days) the survey also reports that workers in Japan actually only use, on average, 7 days of their allocation.
In the same survey 90% of employees in France said that they felt “holiday deprived”, in comparison only 17% of Norwegian workers felt they needed more holiday time, making them the most contented, followed by Mexico (38%), Denmark (39%) and Sweden (44%).
Cadogan Tate have a wealth of knowledge and experience in moving people to France and can agree that many people are drawn to move to France for work because of the favourable working conditions such as access to quality healthcare, cost and quality of childcare and local culture. Cadogan Tate has dedicated removals and storage depots in Paris and the South of France, as well as regular scheduled moving services to France and mainland Europe.