UAE found to be most popular for Gulf expats

A survey has revealed that the UAE is the most popular destination for those moving overseas to the Gulf.
Carried out by recruitment firm Gulf Talent, the report found that in a survey of over 35,000 professionals in the region, the UAE has the highest expat retention rate.
Around 81 per cent of foreigners currently living and working in the UAE have no desire to leave. Dubai was named as the most attractive, with 37 per cent of expats who stayed elsewhere in the region saying they wished to relocate there.
Zoya Pasha, a 22-year-old British expat told the Telegraph: ” Having lived [all over] the UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, I can say that Dubai has a wide appeal.
“There is something here for everyone. You have your pick of music concerts, sports activities and beautiful beaches, and there are great restaurants, bars and clubs.”
Ms Pasha suggested that the cheaper cost of property and increasing job opportunities in the region will also be a boost.
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