Top property areas around the world – rising stars for 2016

The promise of warmer weather, an improved lifestyle or more lucrative investment opportunities is enough to tempt many UK nationals to purchase property overseas. Despite fierce competition, locations in Europe are still proving to be the most popular destinations internationally, with nine of the most searched-for countries in the top ten list located here.
Among the various surveys that have emerged, TheMoveChannel has revealed its Q4 2015 Hotspots Index, which shows the most searched for locations for buying property abroad. Top of the list, for the third quarter in a row, is Rome.
Throughout 2015, Rome has been a popular location for people looking to move abroad. A strong pound in comparison to the Euro during most of the year is likely to have played a part in its popularity but Italy’s lifestyle appeal – warm weather, good food, a relaxed culture – is likely to have been a significant draw as well. Also making the top ten is Italian city Terni, which enjoys excellent transport links to the capital city to go with the attractive Italian lifestyle.
With four cities making the top ten, Portugal is another popular European destination to buy property. Boasting a great many golf courses in the sun, Portugal’s golf tourism industry is pushing luxury property prices here higher and higher.
Top of the list for Portuguese destinations is Ponta Delgada, which comes in at second place overall in the rankings. Located in the autonomous region of Azores, the stunning beaches and rising prices here make for great investment potential. The three other Portuguese cities that made the top ten were Ericeira, Tavira and Ilha do Faial.
Spain and France have long been top destinations for UK expats looking to buy property abroad and this appears still to be the case. Together, French and Spanish cities account for three of the top ten spots.
The Costa del Sol has always been popular among UK expats so it’s no surprise to see Malaga making the top ten. The ninth most searched for area, it’s likely that favourable exchange rates, a thriving expat community and low property prices have contributed to this Spanish city’s continued popularity. What’s more, tourism in the area is continuing to grow, which could mean rising prices in the years to come.
Two famous French names make the top ten as well. Ranking sixth and seventh respectively, Lyon and Paris are still rating highly on the radar of those looking to purchase property abroad. As with Spain and Portugal, a weak Euro in comparison to the pound is likely to have added to the appeal of making an investment in the French property market. The favourable exchange rate will have been compounded by the fact that prices in Paris have declined in recent months but risen in the UK, improving the potential for good returns in the French buy-to-let market.
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Property in Fiji

But what about the most searched for locations outside of Europe? Just one city in the Q4 2015 Hotspots Index top ten was located outside of Europe: Lautoka in Fiji.
While perhaps not the most obvious of expat property purchase destinations, Fiji is blessed with some of the most beautiful and enchanting landscapes on earth. Lautoka is the second largest city on the island and came third overall on the list of most searched locations to buy property. So, while it may be a surprise to see the picturesque island city rank so highly, perhaps this is a sign of good things to come for the property market here.
Information correct at time of publication.