Top Job Sectors for Expats Moving to France

Thinking of moving to France? Does the laissez-faire lifestyle combining French culture, good food, full-bodied wines and excellent job prospects appeal? If it does, there are plenty of job opportunities that can support your new lifestyle in France.
If you are moving to Paris, you will find a broad selection of jobs supporting the thriving economic sector. Elsewhere in France, top job sectors for expats can be found in shipbuilding, telecommunications, IT, banking, motor industry, fashion and textiles. When it comes to employment growth, the most promising sectors are IT, banking, engineering and R&D (research & development).
According to Global 500, when analysed by country, France was #4 with the most Global 500 companies (29) after the USA, China and Japan. Those looking for executive positions in global companies will find France has a surprising number of excellent opportunities. The leading companies in France by revenue include AXA, Total, BNP Paribas, Carrefour, Credit Agricole, Peugeot, Renault, Orange and Christian Dior. These leading Global 500 companies demonstrate the broad range of sectors providing high level executive positions for those looking to live and work in France.

Jobs in IT in France

If you have a background in Information Technology, you will find many new job opportunities in France. This sector is one of the top recruiting fields in France, often within other leading job sectors such as engineering, automobile manufacture, telecommunications, healthcare and tourism. All these industries require computer hardware, software, internet and e-commerce, which means the IT industry is continually growing and expanding.

Jobs in Banking and Finance in France

There are many job opportunities in banking and finance in France, especially for those moving from one of the other financial hubs in Europe, such as London, Zurich or Frankfurt. The current uncertain position in the UK caused by Brexit has seen many people considering a move to Europe in order to maintain their career prospects.

Finding a Job in France

One of the easiest ways to find a new job in France whatever your specialist field is to apply to work for a company in your home country that has a branch in France. Once you have secured a position, you can then apply for a transfer which will open the door to working in France as an expat. It’s a smart way to move into Europe while enjoying the support of your existing company/employer. Your parent company will complete much of the paperwork required for your new position. All you have to do is get your visa (if required) and any other immigration paperwork. You may also want to get your French language skills up-to-scratch with a few private lessons.
If you are already living in France and looking for a job, pole-emploi is an agency that matches people with jobs. They will help you put together a CV and can assist with French language lessons. You need to be a legal resident in France and be actively seeking work before you can register with them. Happy hunting!
If you’re moving to France, find out how our international removals team can help to arrange packing, storage and transportation on your behalf.