Thinking ahead of the big move abroad

Brits moving to Europe, the US or anywhere else in the world need to consider a number of things ahead of jetting off for a new life overseas, according to
Health insurance, for one, is a big consideration and a practical one too, explained Jennifer Stevens, executive editor at the overseas living website.
For example, those considering moving to the US would be informed to know that health insurance is a big thing in the country.
“How will you handle that insurance aspect of it? You can gain answers to that question by talking to other expats by asking what they are doing,” said Ms Stevens.
Another important consideration is banking, added the expert. With so many options and things to consider, it can be quite a demanding aspect in the run up to moving abroad.
“Do you want to open a bank account over there or do you want to keep your money in your own country and just use ATM cards – so you need to address that issue,” Ms Stevens highlighted.
The actual move itself is seismic, made difficult by the sheer volume of things that people accumulate over the years. The best option here is to hire experts in international removals and storage. That can take off a great amount of stress.