The SES Cadogan Tate Explorer Winners

In November 2013 we announced a call for entries for The Scientific Exploration Society Explorer Awards, and the Cadogan Tate Explorer Awards, which was £1000 for an expedition with a sustainable, organic, conservation and environmental focus. Entries flooded in, the strength and depth of which gave us enormous difficulty when it came to selecting our shortlist. The competition closed in January and after much deliberation we decided that, given the quality and credibility of the entries we would award another gift of £500 to a second entrant.
We therefore have the pleasure of being able to announce our two winners; Matthew Jasinki for The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef Expedition and Olivia Taylor for The Cambridge Zanskar Expedition. Matthew’s expedition will concentrate on the study of biodiversity and conservation of the World’s second largest barrier reef off the coast of Belize, Central America and will significantly contribute to the understanding and future management of the reef and help the preservation of reefs worldwide. Olivia will be taking part in a cross-disciplinary study on the impact of climate change, as part of a Cambridge University expedition to Zanskar Valley, Ladakh, northern India. Both are exciting and ambitious expeditions which will make significant contributions to their areas of study.
The awards were presented on Wednesday 30th of April by Neil Laughton, who himself is an inspirational role model for aspiring adventurers, leaders and socially motivated entrepreneurs.
Congratulations to Matthew and Olivia.
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