The OECD's annual International Migration Outlook report

The annual International Migration Outlook report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has been released and shows that the U.S. is the most popular country in the world for expats to relocate to.
The figures show that more than one million people settled in America in 2012, making it much more popular than second place Russia that had 413,000 new settlers in 2012, most of those being temporary placements rather than people moving to Russia on a long-term or permanent basis.
Elsewhere, the report shows that there were 349,000 migrants moving to Spain in 2012 making it the third most popular country, followed closely by UK (321,000), Italy (312,000), Germany (291,000) and Canada (249,000).
While the report shows a year-on-year increase in people moving abroad, it also shows that the levels are not as high as they were before the economic crisis hit in 2007, despite the number of foreign students rising to an all time high of over 2.6m.
One of the main questions that the report sets out to answer is the fiscal impact on the countries that the migrants move to. The findings show that the impact is fairly minimal, with many of the countries having an impact of less than 0.5% of their GDP in either positive or negative terms.
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