The Expat Explorer Survey is now open

The yearly Expat Explorer survey, commissioned by HSBC, is now open for expats to share their views on their country of residence. Now in its seventh year, the survey is the largest global survey of expats with over 7,000 expats taking part in the online research last year. The data helps to form a league table of 37 countries, that is presented in interactive online graphs that allow current and potential expats to compare countries side-by-side and even to break the data down into granular detail and sort by subject (eg, finances, experience and raising children abroad).
Last year’s findings revealed that Thailand, China and Switzerland made the top three expat destinations in the survey overall. Switzerland took the top spot in the Economics category after placing well for the ‘Income’, ‘Disposable Income’ and ‘Host Economic Satisfaction’ sub-categories. Wealthy expats moving to Switzerland can expect to pay less tax than they would in the UK, which is one of the reasons, along with falling luxury house prices, why many expats are tempted to move to Switzerland from the UK. It was also noted at the end of last year that, according to the Michael Page Swiss Job Index, there has been a surge in demand for Management level staff in the Medical and Financial sectors. If you are planning on moving to Switzerland as an expat or as a permanent resident, click here for more details about our specialist international removals service.
Elsewhere in the league table, expats moving to France voted their country as being the 3rd best country for ‘Raising Children Abroad’, giving special mention to the improved health care for children and the cost of education. If you are considering moving to France with children read our full guide here.
The HSBC Expat Explorer Survey opened on the 7th April and takes around 15 minutes to complete. The survey is administered by YouGov plc, an independent market research agency and all responses are confidential and private. Update: the survey is now closed.
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