Technology and data expat workers in demand in the USA

If you are considering a move to America in the new year to pursue a job in the technology or ‘big data’ sector, you could find your skills to be very much in demand. With a growing technology market America is widely known to be at the forefront of the digital revolution and Silicon Valley is somewhat of a Mecca for British expats with IT skills and experience.
Global recruitment firm Hydrogen predicts that there will be a surge in job vacancies for professionals with technology and IT skills as mobile technology becomes a greater part of everyday life for many people worldwide. Dominic McNamara, global leader of Hydrogen’s Technology Practice, said: “Technology is being talked about much more by the wider business community, especially in the US and UK which are seeing major investment into big data companies.
Silicon Valley is home to some of the biggest companies in the world including Google, Apple and Microsoft with many others not too far behind them. Hydrogen have also reported a trend developing that people with top-end technology expertise are keen to travel overseas to develop their careers and capitalise on the opportunities open to them.
The USA recently scored very highly in the HSBC expat explorer survey, ranking 1st in the world for ‘local work culture’ and 3rd for ‘Quality of accommodation’. The obvious elimination of the language barrier and more favourable climate will also make America a more desirable location for expats considering moving to America.
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