Spanish bullfighting to make TV return

After a six-year absence, bullfighting is set to return to public television in Spain next month, reinvigorating the debate about the divisive national sport.
RTVE, which is financed by the state, revealed that it would be broadcasting a bullfighting festival in the northern city of Valladolid on September 5th.
In a statement, it said that it “believes that a festival of this quality should be made available to all Spanish fans”.
Although the popularity of the sport has dwindled in recent years – one of the reasons along with cost for it being taken off air – the new Popular Party government supports it and believes that resurgence in its popularity is imminent.
RTVE finally went ahead with the controversial decision after all stakeholders, including matadors, promoters and breeders, agreed to waive their broadcasting fees.
“It is a clear backward step for the well-being of animals and the defence of animals in this country,” Silvia Barquero, a spokeswoman for the animal defence group PACMA, was quoted by the AFP as saying.
Support for bullfighting continues to divide the Spanish public, which will interest British professionals moving to Europe who are keen to learn the cultural heritage of the country.
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