Spain is destination of choice for property investors

Spain has come out tops in a recent poll of investors and their return of investment from foreign properties. More than half (60%) of those surveyed said that they experienced a greater return on investment than they expected from their properties in Spain.
The good weather, ease of learning the local language and the relatively low cost of quality childcare all make Spain a popular destination for British expats looking to move abroad. The current dip in property prices also make it an advantageous time to move to Spain.
Following Spain in the survey is USA, which has also gained a reputation for giving a good return on investment for those moving to America and buying a property, especially in the city of Detroit (which filed for bankruptcy in July) and some parts of New York.
France came in at 3rd place on the survey, as it has always been a favourite destination for British expats moving to Europe. It was recently reported that people moving to France to work are entitled to more holiday leave than anywhere else. There are also many advantages to buying property there, such as the ‘leaseback’ option that allows investors to purchase the freehold and then lease it back to a company that will rent it out for holiday lets on their behalf.
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