Snap up US properties 'without hesitation'

British professionals moving to America have been advised to be decisive when it comes to snapping up a property.
Mayfair International Realty, which represents over 125 real estate brokerages, explained that because the property market in the US is producing some real bargains, competition for certain homes is hot.
“If I was looking to buy in the US at the moment and I saw a property that I liked, I probably wouldn’t dawdle about too much,” expanded Annette Reeve, director of Mayfair International Realty.
“If I saw something that I liked, it felt right, I was buying it with my heart and I was looking at it for either a family property or a long-term investment, then I think I would probably buy it.”
The reason for this is that there is the distinct possibility that if people dwell on it for too long and come back to the agent a few weeks subsequent to a viewing, it is highly likely that it will have gone.
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