Singapore Named Best For Expats By ECA Expat Survey

There’s no doubt about it, expats have a lot of love for Singapore. The latest ECA International Expat Survey has revealed its annual list of the most liveable cities in the world – and Singapore has taken the crown.
The ECA International survey enables expats around the world to rate their host countries on a range of factors. These factors include climate; housing; social integration; personal safety; crime rates; political structure; heath facilities; and environmental concerns such as air quality. This data helps the organisation assist employers with how best to support and compensate employees working internationally and gives potential ‘expats-to-be’ an excellent insight into how easy it might be to adapt to living and working in a particular country.
Asia in general appears to be a popular choice for expats, due to the host of economic opportunities on offer and the potential to not only boost your earning potential but your rate of personal disposable income too. Singapore was rated as top choice for Asian expats for an amazing 16th year in a row as well as coming top in the global league table, beating its long-time rival, Hong Kong.

The appeal of Singapore

The range of factors causing Singapore to come out on top in the ECA liveability league table includes the excellent healthcare facilities; solid infrastructure; low crime rates; and the significantly good air quality – something many Asian cities, including Hong Kong, often struggle with.
Expat opinion rated high for the economic opportunities afforded by Singapore – the city is considered to be a perfect match for those that are career-driven. Additionally, it is considered a great city to bring up children due to its excellent educational system and childcare facilities, while low crime rates mean expats feel confident in their own personal safety when walking the streets, even at night.
Of course, there are some downsides. It isn’t the cheapest city in the world by any means but you get what you pay for in this comfortable city of conveniences. Housing options are plentiful and private developments often come with amenities such as pools, gyms and playgrounds. Choosing a base away from the centre can reduce costs considerably. The public transport system is easy to use and great value (and this also includes cabs), which is just as well seeing as it can be pricey to own and run a car.
Singapore is also considered to be a city where it is easy to make friends through expat networks and societies, although the tax on alcohol can mean drinks are pretty costly – keep your eye out for happy hours and drink deals.

The best of the rest

The ECA International survey awarded the Japanese cities of Osaka and Nagoya the second and third spots in Asia, although globally these accolades were won by popular Australian cities Adelaide and Sydney.
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Information correct at time of publication.