Singapore - a top destination for expats

As recently reported, the HSBC Expat Survey has named Singapore as one of the top countries for expats looking to make a lucrative career move, this has also been echoed in the internationally recognised Doing Business Report that released figures earlier this year showing economic rankings that take into account the ease of doing business and starting a business in countries across the world.
In terms of ‘Ease of Doing Business’ Singapore ranked at the top of the table of 189 countries in the report conducted by, followed by China, New Zealand, and United States. The report ranks countries for everything that businesses need to take into account, such as ease of registering the company, signing up for Employee Compensation Insurance, getting credit, protecting investors and registering property. Doing Business also ranks Singapore in the ‘high income’ category, meaning that it is very attractive to people moving abroad to secure a job with a higher disposable income.
Recently also reported that it has noticed a surge in expats applying for Singapore work visas because of its impressive reputation for doing business, and specifically the strict legal system that gives investors a strong sense of security, a world-leading intellectual property protection infrastructure and an attractive tax framework.
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