Paris to outlaw old cars

Paris is to outlaw cars, motorcycles and lorries that are more than 17 years old over the next two years, in a bid to clean up the city’s busy streets, its mayor has revealed.
Bertrand Delanoë believes that vehicles such as these are especially harmful to the planet and very noisy, making them an incompatible social nuisance in an age of greater environmental consciousness.
The city council received proposals on Monday (November 12th) that outlined the details of the plan, which would apply within the A86 motorway that surrounds the capital city.
By September 2014, classic cars like Peugeot 205s and Renault 4Ls will no longer be seen on Paris’ roads, international movers will be interested to learn.
Speaking to the daily newspaper Le Parisien, Fabien Breuvart, the owner of a silver 1990 Renault 4L, said it would exclude certain demographics of the population from navigating around the city.
Other interesting suggestions received by council members included “eco-taxes” on motorists travelling through the city’s inner ring road and toll barriers for lorries.
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