New Zealand 'still a top destination'

People visiting New Zealand for a vacation are still extremely satisfied, but there is a risk that levels of happiness may diminish in the foreseeable future because of high prices in the country.
According to Tourism New Zealand’s annual Visitor Experience Monitor, overall satisfaction remains unchanged at 8.9 out of ten, as did the number of people (96 per cent) likely to recommend the country to others as a holiday destination.
However, there has been a decrease in levels of happiness when it comes to cost. In particular, accommodation, food and beverages were seen as being too pricey.
“From detailed analysis of the results, it is clear that the current strength of the New Zealand dollar is having an impact,” commented Kevin Bowler, chief executive of Tourism New Zealand.
“While satisfaction scores around the quality of services have seen an improvement on last year, visitor satisfaction with the price of activities, food and beverage and accommodation has decreased.”
The study also revealed that one of the biggest draws for tourists is the country’s natural environment, described by Lonely Planet as being “ridiculously photogenic”.
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