New York petrol being rationed

New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced that the city is to ration petrol, following the devastating damage produced by Superstorm Sandy.
All residents, including expats, have been informed that the fuel quotas are necessary because only 25 per cent of gas stations are open.
This has resulted in severe shortages, which, because of the extent of destruction in the city, may last for up to two weeks as the authorities begin bringing some order to New York.
In a bid to cut down on huge queues and to ensure that everyone is able to get access to petrol – as well as allowing stations to stay open for longer – mayor Bloomberg has signed an emergency order putting rationing in place.
The system is based on a resident’s license plate. Those that end with odd numbers or in a letter or other character will be able to buy fuel on odd numbered days.
Those that have license plates ending in even numbers or zero will be able to buy petrol on even numbered days.
“We have to do something, and this is something that is practical and enforceable and understandable, and doing something is a lot better than doing nothing,” said mayor Bloomberg.
The only exemptions are yellow cabs and emergency service vehicles. It is unknown how long fuel rationing will be in place.
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