New way of life abroad can be tough

British expats have been told that one of the hardest things about moving overseas is getting used to a new culture.
Lindsay de Feliz, marketing manager at Expat Focus, explained that expats not only leave behind family members and friends, but a whole way of living that they have become very accustomed to.
Her advice to expats is to not worry so much as there is no right or wrong way of doing things.
“There is the way you used to do things, but that does not mean that your new country does them the wrong way, it is just different,” Ms Feliz went on to say.
“It is vital to have an open mind and not to constantly compare the way of doing things in your new country to where you came from. Try and understand why things are different.”
There are ways of making life easier, she added. Expats can join a language course to improve their speaking skills, volunteer for a charity group or participate in neighbourhood meetings.
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