New Cultural Agreement Between Britain and China Signed in Beijing

Last week a new cultural agreement was signed in Beijing that will strengthen links between the UK and China, as well as encouraging cultural and creative exchanges.
Among the artists and organisations already expected to tour China as part of the new agreement are the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Northern Ballet, National Theatre of Scotland and Shakespeare’s Globe.
The signing of the agreement is a development of the previous agreement that was signed in 1979 and recent exchanges that have taken place over the last couple of years including 700 British artists performing in 29 Chinese cities, as well as an exhibition of Chinese fine art at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Among the future commitments laid out in the agreement are:

  • To provide an active programme of cultural exchanges in each country including sharing expertise, information and knowledge
  • To encourage and facilitate arts groups and artists to participate in major arts festivals in each country to strengthen mutual understanding;
  • To co-organise and co-fund training programmes for Chinese museum managers, curators and conservationists.

The agreement that remains active until October 2018 aims to help develop the relationship between the two nations which British Council CEO, Martin Davidson said has “never been stronger”, as well as encouraging a greater understanding of each other’s culture.
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