Much-maligned central Johannesburg attracts residents again

Many Johannesburg residents are rediscovering an often overlooked area of their city, one which those moving overseas may wish to check out.
It is in fact the downtown Johannesburg city centre, which was once the headquarters of the Apartheid movement in the country but the region has been revamped, the AFP reports.
When apartheid collapsed, empty buildings were left to fall into ruin but thanks to major investment, they have been restored and are now proving popular with residents.
Student James van Biljon told the AFP: “I was born in Johannesburg, but I had never been to the city centre.”
Gerald Garner, who runs walking tours around the area, added: “Walking… is the only way to experience the city. A lot of my clients come and rediscover their own city.”
Back in the 1990s, the district was a no-go area thanks to soaring crime rates.