Moving Slope-Side

Moving to cities such as Paris and Zurich may tick a lot of boxes for a lot of people, however there are some equally desirable destinations in France and Switzerland that have plenty of pull for people moving to Europe. William Blake once said “Great things are done when men and mountains meet; This is not done by jostling in the street”. For those that are happy to live in the cold for the winter months, living in, or near the alps can be a very rewarding and an altogether different style and pace of life.
Although often regarded as an option for active retirees or for holiday home owners, many people choose to move to France and, in particular, the French alps because of the beautiful scenery and the more relaxed way of life that comes with living in a small town. Although it is a very welcoming place, there are a few customs that you should get used to before moving to France that will help you ease your way into the community. For example, the gift of cheese; offering cheese as a gift to locals that have helped you is the local equivalent of offering a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates in England. Having at least a basic level of French (and using it) will help get the locals on your side and make you less of an “étranger”.
According to technology website, Mashable, the small city of Grenoble is considered to be the ‘Silicon Valley’ of France and is home to many technology and science companies, with many big names being housed there, including: CapGemini, Freescale, France Telecom and Xerox, the latter of which is a long-time supporter of the city.
For those thinking of moving to Switzerland there are similar job opportunities available. The natural beauty of the Swiss alps is a major factor of many people’s decision to move to Switzerland, alongside favourable employment benefits and retirement options.
There is still a strong agricultural society in the Swiss Alps, where many farming families spend the summer months high up in the mountains to allow their cattle to graze on mountain grass and herbs. This is when they make their best cheese, a world-renowned export of Switzerland. This is obviously a far-cry from the busy city life of Zurich, however there is a happy in-between ground for expats moving to Switzerland for a better quality of life and a slower pace of life.
Switzerland is famous for its financial sector, with many expats finding employment with very little trouble. Job hunting in Switzerland is made even easier by the readiness of work visas for UK citizens. Favourable wages and expat packages are also high on the list of appealing attributes of a job in Switzerland. This means that it is not uncommon for expats to own one property in the city and one in the mountain regions, providing even easier access to world-renowned ski slopes and dramatic backdrops. For more details about the lifestyle advantages of moving to Switzerland, click here to read a recent article on our blog.
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