Moving overseas with Cadogan Tate

Moving overseas is a daunting task, most people would concede as much. Taking your life, packing it up in boxes and transporting it to another country, well, it is no small task.
For most, planning a move abroad takes place in addition to everything else – work, socials, shopping and all the other things that keep us busy seven days a week. It can feel overwhelming, emotionally and physically. Budding expats can take comfort in knowing that there are solutions out there.
Here is where Cadogan Tate steps in. The established international removals company can help professionals with every aspect of their move, making the transition from A to B a seamless affair.
Explain what you want
Cadogan Tate appreciates that every household is unique and has particular wants. With that in mind, they offer a truly bespoke service so that international movers receive the most effective service possible.
It all starts with a simple phone call or email to Cadogan Tate explaining some of the details of your move. You don’t need to be exact, or detailed, just a few nuggets of information giving an overview of what is involved.
Following on from this, Cadogan Tate will brief one of their experienced surveyors with your move. A suitable time will be arranged for a meeting, where a more comprehensive idea of the move will be established.
It’s all about the details
The next step in the process is a full audit and survey of your home, which is one of the areas that Cadogan Tate really excels in.
After making an appraisal, the surveyor will work closely with budding expats on what items, objects, furnishings and belongings will be transported abroad, what will be left behind and what will go into storage.
As specialists in international relocation, this daunting and difficult course of action – it’s always hard to get rid of sentimental clutter – can actually be quite cathartic. A new life is, after all, about moving on.
Getting the ball rolling
Once everything has been provisionally agreed, the surveyor will draw up an estimate based on his evaluation of the project and send you a quotation along with precise details of the proposed move indicating what is going to happen and when.
Cadogan Tate’s Move Management Service, which this falls under, sees expats assigned with a move coordinator. They will supervise every aspect of the project and be available for any queries clients may have.
The great thing about the service is that it is exhaustive. Everything is covered, including delivering specialised packing, arranging transport, organising storage, coordinating shipping and managing customs clearance and insurance.
Making a difference
With over thirty years in the business, and experience of managing projects all over the world, Cadogan Tate is at the forefront of international relocation. With that in mind, you can feel confident that every aspect of your move will be orchestrated in a professional way. Moving from A to B has never been easier.