Moving abroad with pets is to get easier

New legislation on the non-commercial transport of pets was approved by European parliament on Thursday 23rd May. Taking pets abroad when moving to Europe will now be easier but health requirements will be stricter.
Amongst the changes made to the legislation owners will now need to check that their anti-rabies vaccinations are still valid, while young animals ages between 12 and 16 months that have been vaccinated but are yet to be fully immunised will still be able to travel.
There is currently a five pet limit for people moving abroad and travelling across borders. This restriction was put in place to prevent trafficking and the use of the domestic pet rules for commercial purposes. However the new law says that owners may be exempt from the 5 pet limit if they can prove that they are taking part in a sporting event.
The new legislation also clarifies the laws regarding pet passports and now states that identification must be issued by an authorised veterinarian and should specify the transponder code, details of the rabies vaccination and other health-related details.
Since July 2011, electronic tagging has been the only officially accepted way of identifying dogs, cats and ferrets (which can also carry rabies). However a clearly visible tattoo administered before that date is still considered valid for those moving to Europe.
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