Most Popular European Destinations for Expats in 2018

Europe has never been more open for expats to live and work. International movers are thriving as top executives relocating to new European destinations while remaining just a short flight from family roots back in the UK. Brexit is already having an effect as top international corporations such as Goldman Sachs and UBS leave London due to the fear of border restrictions and employment issues.
In this blog post, we look at some of the most popular European cities that our London international removals company is regularly moving customers’ belongings to and from.

Vienna, Austria

Few European cities are as navigable and pleasant as Vienna, making this historic city an increasingly popular expat destination. Multinational companies based in Vienna, including IBM, GE and HVAC specialist Johnson Controls, provide exciting career opportunities coupled with an enviable quality of life. EasyJet has also set up its European HQ in the Austrian capital to help mitigate Brexit related uncertainties. Austria’s booming economy, affordability and lifestyle make Vienna a definite contender as a top European destination for expats in 2018 and beyond.

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

One of the most surprising cities in the European Union attracting expats is Eindhoven. Its central location puts it within easy reach of Amsterdam, Dusseldorf and Brussels. However, it remains quietly off-radar meaning that you can get a lot more for your money when it comes to housing. It helps that the main business language in the Netherlands is English. For businesses, the Netherlands and Eindhoven remain relatively free of bureaucratic red tape when compared to cities in France, Italy and Germany.

Leipzig, Germany

Leipzig remains a hub for expats with its growing technology industry, music and multiple Porsche operations. Often referred to as Germany’s “New Berlin”, this affordable city rides the crest of Germany’s economy. It is particularly popular with young expats looking for a move that combines top job prospects with environmental quality and lifestyle.

Tallinn, Estonia

Huge investments in infrastructure and a hunger for success have made Estonia a rising star in the world of international business and career opportunities. It is the first of the Baltic states to find itself in the league of popular European destinations for expats. Young professionals can enjoy the heady nightlife in Tallinn amid the mediaeval turrets. Its mix of career prospects and lifestyle mean this emerging expat destination is definitely on the up. Tallinn already ranks high for safety, housing, healthcare, tolerance and environmental quality and these are the new watchwords for companies and professionals considering an international relocation in the next 12 months.

Oslo, Norway

With its flourishing North Sea oil fields, fishing industry, shipping and strong economy, Norway has an international outlook. Oslo is consequently one of Europe’s fastest growing cities. This friendly city has a strong economy, advanced technology and provides a business-friendly base for company start-ups. All this lays the foundations for strong job opportunities for expats heading east from the UK. While Oslo remains one of the most expensive cities in the world, those living and working in Norway will have no problem swallowing the higher cost of living which is commensurate with the wages. For international movers, this wealthy city ticks all the boxes as a top place for expats to consider in 2018.