Melbourne still the most liveable city in the world

Moving to Australia might be a sound decision as its capital city has once again been found to be the most liveable city in the world.
The Economist intelligence Unit (EIU) found in its Global Liveability Report that Melbourne, which has been described by Rough Guides as the most European of Australia’s cities, is still setting the ultimate standard for a high quality of living.
Melbourne, the government of Victoria said in an official statement, is known for having an animated multicultural community, a distinguished arts scene and a world famous food and wine scene.
“Adding to this vibrant lifestyle, Melbourne is home to some of the world’s most prestigious cultural and sporting events – consistently being ranked as one of the world’s ‘Ultimate Sporting cities’ in the biennial SportBusiness awards,” it added.
Melbourne scores highly in all of the EIU’s criteria and achieves perfect scores in the areas of healthcare, education and infrastructure. Ongoing investment in Melbourne’s world-class infrastructure was highlighted in the report for keeping Melbourne at the top of the index.
In fact, all the top cities are performing to an exacting standard, the study observed, with the top ten remaining virtually unchanged from last year.
Vienna stood strong in second place, followed by the Canadian dominance in Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary.
The EIU, which delivers forecasting and advisory service to its clients, said this consistency was a product of the “renewed stability” across the world, as economies begin to slowly stabilise following years of uncertainty post-recession.
“Certainly, infrastructural development has been a driver over the last few years, with improvements to infrastructure in key cities in Australia, where the federal government initiated an ambitious long-term road-building programme in 2010,” the authors of the report elaborated.
Liveability assessed in a number of ways, which helps to give an in-depth and accurate portrait of how good or bad a city is.
This includes analysing crime rates, assessing political and social security, weighing up healthcare, education and infrastructure, and even taking into consideration the standard of cultural events that take place in the city.
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