Making space - when Central London storage is the answer you need

You could often need storage in Central London, from moving house to downsizing or carrying out renovations on your home. If you have chosen to put your belongings into storage, they are likely of value to you, either monetary or sentimental. This means that if it is worth putting into storage, it is worth investing in a premium storage facility.

Storage facilities are not dissimilar to car garages in a way; you would not take an Aston Martin DB5 to a back street garage for a service, so why would you trust a budget storage company with your most beloved possessions? Below we have listed some of the things you should look for when choosing a secure storage facility.

The security

If you are storing valuable art, antiques, furniture, or family heirlooms, your items’ security should be the number one priority. Look for electronic access control, fire detection and suppression systems and CCTV with sound recording. You might also consider temperature-controlled storage rooms for extra peace of mind, especially for sensitive objects such as musical instruments, works of art, or vintage wines. An exemplary storage company will do rigorous background checks on employees to ensure that anyone who has frequent access to storage areas is trustworthy and accountable.

Combining removals and storage

Many premium storage companies also offer a removals service (and vice versa); this is incredibly convenient when moving house and you do not wish to move everything into the new home. Many people choose this option when they move into a new home that they know will require redecorating and do not want to run the risk of damaging items in the process. Some people like to put things into long term storage during a house move, particularly if they are downsizing or moving abroad for a set amount of time (for example, for a 12-month placement or project).

One of the many advantages to using a combined storage and removals company is that they will be experts in packing your belongings securely and professionally. This expertise in packing is another area where a little investment goes a long way. Thorough research into the best removals and storage company for your needs is essential, and remember insurance companies will approve reputable ones.

Liability cover

Buying cover, for anything, is something which you only appreciate the full value of when the worst-case scenario happens. A reputable storage company should give you the option to self-insure but may also be able to arrange full value protection for you to the total value of your belongings placed in their trust. Speak with your storage provider to understand the cover that they can offer.

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