Makeup bars 'popping up' all across the US

Women keen to make an impression when it comes to looking professional in a major meeting or glamorous for an important work social are now able to head to a “makeup bar” in the US.
Popping up in most major cities in the country like New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta, these innovative, contemporary and functional establishments offer busy female workers the opportunity to have makeup applied by a professional beautician.
For around $40 (approximately £25), a makeup specialist will transform the appearance of women, giving them a look they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to achieve by themselves.
While most women are au fait with beauty regimes and the myriad of possibilities offered by various lipsticks, mascaras and foundations, they invariably lack – through no fault of their own– the expertise professionals have.
That they can receive such a treatment, in under an hour for a reasonable price, is extremely appealing, especially in instances where a “boost” is desired.
In an interesting article for the Wall Street Journal, the style reporter Elizabeth Jones revealed that young professional women in particular are driving the growth of makeup bars – more than any other generation, this demographic expends more money cultivating their image.
“When you walk out of there, you feel like you’ve been given something you couldn’t do yourself,” the actress Amelia Alvarez told her. “It is for when you want to look your absolute best.”
At present, attending a makeup bar is still a luxury affair and not a weekly experience, however, the practicality of it suggests that it has real staying power. This is certainly not a fad.
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