Majority of Expats Happy With Their New Life After Moving Abroad

A new survey by private medical insurer, Medibroker has revealed that 80% of those questioned are happy with their new lives, saying they either ‘really enjoy’ or ‘enjoy’ their new country of residence.
The main reason cited for the positive attitude displayed by the survey, was ‘a better climate.’ Nearly 60% of the sample listed this as their top priority, which was closely followed by an improved standard of living. Factors such as a better social life, additional income and experiencing different cultures did not have such an impact on the overall happiness of the 202 expats that took part in the survey after moving abroad.
The remaining expats that were not enjoying or feeling indifferent about moving abroad, said that integrating into a new culture was the most challenging aspect of the move, while missing their home country came a close second.
Sales Manager for Medibroker, Steve Nelson, commented: “It’s great to see that most expats enjoy their lifestyles abroad with no surprise that the weather is such an important factor!” Nelson continued: “Individual respondent comments suggest that comprehensive research and learning the language is critical when moving abroad to live or work. And it seems that once the move is made, there is little or nothing this group of expats would change, with the possible exception of red tape and form filling!
Nearly 50% of the sample said that they were concerned with the healthcare facilities available to them, should they need major treatment, and around 45% said that they had no international health insurance policy. It is becoming increasingly evident that fewer Brits have adequate health cover, however in December 2013 it was made compulsory for all expats moving to Dubai to have health insurance.
The survey was conducted by Medibroker in partnership with Angloinfo and Expatnetwork between December 2013 and March 2014, and is one of the surveys that expats and people in the international removals sector look to for additional information on the latest trends and developments of moving abroad. If you are considering moving to Europe or further afield, contact us for more information on Cadogan Tate’s international removals service.
Information correct at time of publication