Los Angeles: The City of Angels

Los Angeles is a booming, bustling and bright city, gifted with a strong gravitational force that’s hard to say no to, utterly compelling in every way whoever you are. It’s where you go to make a nice buck in business, where you venture out to for Hollywood hopes and dreams, and where you settle for a way of life that is anything but ordinary.
Perhaps the original settlers knew something in its destiny when they permanently set up base there in 1871. They named it El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de Los Angeles de la Porciuncula, otherwise known as the Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels. Quite a mouthful for sure, it soon came to be known as the City of Angels, and thus Los Angeles was born. With angels watching on from up above, the city was never going to be ordinary.
In LA, it’s about where you’re going. You might have had a wonderful adventure prior to moving to the sun swept city – why is it always sunny in Los Angeles? – and while it might make for good conversation, that can happen later. In the meantime, there’s much to talk about. The main question is: “What’s your business?”
This sort of inquisition isn’t meant to be rude or nosy, it’s just curiosity. Everyone has somewhere to go in LA, something to do, something to sell and someone to see. Call it destiny, fate or making your own luck, the spirit of Los Angeles is empowering, infectious and comforting.
It might be a tough gig getting there, wherever it is you want to be, back breaking and soul destroying, but LA doesn’t let you wallow in self pity. LA says you’ve got skill, and, in the spirit of the American Dream, conviction, a belief in oneself will pay off. If it is going to happen, it’ll happen in LA.
As Lonely Planet discerningly observed, it was in LA that an English acrobat known as Archibald Leach became one of the most successful leading men in cinema. We remember him today as Cary Grant.
Or what about a certain Austrian bodybuilder, who only recently exited the powerful arena of American politics as governor of California – could this have happened anywhere else but LA? Arnold Schwarzenegger might argue otherwise.
And so, Los Angeles remains a place of opportunity, always busy and invigorated, its residents, holidaymakers and expat communities acting like little jolts of electricity that keep it lit up, alchemy as a reality so to speak. New York might never sleep, but Los Angeles wakes up every morning born again: the day ahead is what you make it.
No surprise then that the city is one of the strongest performing not just in the US, but throughout the world. The definition of power, which LA exudes in terms of business, trade and entertainment, lies in the quality of life a city offers, its political nous, knowledge and influence and how active its economy is.
This was the criteria prescribed by property consultancy Knight Frank, as it examined the so-called new brokers in the world in its Global Cities Survey two years ago. Los Angeles came in at number five, behind Tokyo, Paris, London and New York. Not a bad crowd to be part of. Its unique selling point is its economic diversity.
It’s why a wide range of professionals, when considering international relocation, head to Los Angeles. Its miscellaneous nature is therefore characterised by a wide pool of professional fields to enjoy a career in, from the digital cool hubs of tomorrow’s new social start-up to the punchy environment of high fashion.
Add to that a buoyant tourism industry – last year was a notable highlight with the city experiencing its highest number of visitors in its entire history – and it is fair to conclude that LA will continue to do what it does best and attract all sorts of people from all four corners of the world. It’s malleable, it’s what you want it to be, and come what may, it delivers on its promises.
Los Angeles is a city that glows day and night, neon beams and sunrays swapping shifts with effortless cool, overlapping during the golden hours of course. The world as a microcosm, LA welcomes everyone, no prejudice. You’re in it for the money? No problem. An artist you say? Well hello. Take a look around…wherever you’re looking to go, whoever you’re going to be, the City of Angels is certainly the place to try it out in.