Job opportunities in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is a dream work location for many in the software and technology fields. So many life-changing projects and cutting-edge businesses have been born within this area of San Francisco, and it is the most well-known technology hub in the world. Many of the big players in the technology world have a base in Silicon Valley, including Apple, Google and Facebook.
Silicon Valley itself is a nickname referring to a region of the San Francisco Bay Area in California, and is made up of a number of towns and cities. Most notable of these is San Jose, the largest city in Northern California. An affluent city and one with a high cost of living, San Jose is considered the Capital of Silicon Valley, however many expats now live in one of the surrounding neighbourhoods, where property prices are more reasonable.
The boundaries of Silicon Valley have expanded over the years and the term is now synonymous with all the high-tech corporations based in this area. It has long attracted workers from around the world, and as such the area is diverse and multicultural, meaning that British expats will feel welcomed from the outset.

Desirable job opportunities

It’s no wonder there is a high population of expats in the area. There is a huge draw in wanting to work for a well-known technology company. There are so many large businesses located within a relatively small region that there are always job opportunities available for those with the right skills.
There isn’t enough domestic talent to fill all of the available high-level roles, so it’s not uncommon to recruit from outside the USA. Expats may be able to transfer within a company that operates in the UK or within their existing job role, or they can apply for jobs within their field by looking on dedicated websites such as It’s also worth looking on the websites of key companies of interest for any vacancies.
Getting a visa is an essential part of the process, and any future employer will need to apply for the correct visa to enable expat workers to live and work in the USA. Visas for any family members who are also relocating will need to be arranged, but it is worth noting which types are issued and whether this allows partners and other family members to take on work.

Start-ups galore

Silicon Valley is also home to a large number of start-up businesses. The region accounts for a third of all venture capital investment in the United States. As such, the area is known for its innovation and development in the science and technology fields. So many key technologies have already been created here over the years, including the microprocessor.
This offers opportunities for expats who are keen to be involved in something from its incarnation, or to launch a new venture themselves. AngelList is a good site to find potential jobs within Silicon Valley start-ups.
While there are a lot of potential opportunities in Silicon Valley, vacancies are often quickly filled as they are so in-demand, so the job hunting may take a little time initially.

Outside of technology

While Silicon Valley does tend to focus on roles within the technology and software industry, there are other opportunities in the region, which also attract expats or the families of expats moving to the areas.

There are jobs within the public service sector (including teaching) and community infrastructure, business services and manufacturing, among others. These roles are advertised in popular local press as well as online job sites.
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