Istanbul found to be the most congested city in Europe

Istanbul in Turkey, Warsaw in Poland and Marseille in France have been named as the most congested cities in Europe.
TomTom’s Congestion Index found that drivers in these otherwise extremely popular cities have to cope with severe traffic jams on a daily basis.
The leading supplier of location and navigation products works out congestion by comparing the percentage change between non-peak times and rush hour.
Istanbul’s peak time was found to be 57 per cent more congested than its non-peak times, with Warsaw being recorded as having a 45 per cent difference. Marseille was documented as having a 40 per cent increase during rush hour.
The top ten worst congested cities also included the Italian cities Palermo and Rome, Stuttgart and Hamburg in Germany, Brussels in Belgium, Paris in France and Stockholm in Sweden.
Interestingly, especially for British expats moving to Europe, cities in the UK were found to be not as congested in comparison to those on the continent.
The busiest cities, banded as one, were Bradford and Leeds, which came in at number 17. London was 18th.
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