Improve language skills by visiting the country concerned

Brits planning on moving overseas in the foreseeable future will need to embrace the language of the country if they want to adapt to a new way of life relatively smoothly.
While starting a course in your native country is sensible, and can be done through a professional programme or be self-taught, it pays to visit the country to get to the core of the language.
Katherine Brand, director at CESA Languages, is of this opinion, suggesting that visiting the country will help people get under the skin of a language and understand the people who use it in everyday conversation.
“You need to be immersed in the language and have the opportunity to put it into practice on a daily basis so that it becomes as automatic as your own mother tongue, rather than just viewing it as an academic exercise,” she explained.
In related news, Lindsay de Feliz, marketing manager at Expat Focus, stated that it was important for expats to have some level of proficiency in a foreign language ahead of relocating abroad.