Immigrants contributed $115.2 Billion more to US Medicare than they took out In 2002–09

A new study published by Health Affairs magazine has revealed that immigrants and expats relocating to America put much more money into the country’s Medicare system than they use. According to the report immigrants contributed an estimated $115.2 billion more than they took out of the Medicare Trust Fund in 2002-2009.
The Medicare Trust Fund supports payments to hospitals and health institutions had 14.7% of its contributions from immigrants in 2009, however the same demographic was accountable for only 7.9% of its expenditures – a reported net surplus of $13.8 billion. Whereas US-born residents generated a $30.9 billion deficit.
The report comes at a time when a proposed reform bill is due to be debated in congress in the coming weeks, with one of the main points for discussion is that immigrants are a drain on the country’s research, a view point that has proven to be inaccurate. The report published by Health Affairs shows that further restrictions on those planning on moving to America could damage the Medicare fund.
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