HSBC Launch Expat Explorer Survey 2013

Now in its 6th year HSBC’s Expat Explorer survey is the largest global survey of expats with over 5,300 expats providing insights and sharing their views last year. The survey involves questions relating to finance, quality of life and even raising children abroad.
Based on the results of last year’s survey, expats are able to compare countries in detail based on their chosen criteria, which can be anything from local food, transport, sports, work/life balance and healthcare access. The results can be viewed as part of an interactive map that allows for easy comparison and also contains useful links to relevant articles and guides.
According to last year’s results Singapore came top of the league table based on the feedback given by participants. Elsewhere in the rankings, China placed 11th, Australia placed 12th, France placed 25th and the UK came 27th out of the 30 countries listed.
One of the findings of last year’s report is that despite the strong performance of the countries in the middle east, a higher than average number of expats are actively looking to move on from their placements in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman to either another posting or return to their home country. Particularly Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia placed very highly in terms of satisfaction of the state of the local economy and expat earning potential.
Expats looking to take part in the survey can do so by clicking here or if you would like to view the results of last year’s survey, click here