Hong Kong remains popular for British expats

The trend in moving to Hong Kong for British professionals shows no signs of slowing down, with the number of people applying to work in the city-state continuing to rise across the globe.
Work visas issued to British expats saw a 45 per cent jump last year, while US visas have gone up by an extraordinary 96 per cent, the Telegraph reported.
Professionals are attracted by Hong Kong because of the opportunities that can be found there. In particular, it is establishing itself as one of the world’s most important financial districts.
This, in no small part, is thanks to its strategic location and relationship with China, which has a vested interested in seeing the city-state thrive.
“Hong Kong continues to attract strong global talent, which we are seeing with a ramp up in particular with an increase in talent from the UK,” Fiona Foxon, managing director of luxury lifestyle club Quintessentially, told the newspaper.
“Hong Kong is a country that rewards hard work, enjoys life to the fullest, and offers something for everyone to make them feel at home.”
This month marks the fifteenth anniversary of the end of British rule in Hong Kong.
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